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St. Malachy Catholic School
To provide an educational opportunity for each student of St. Malachy School to mature spiritually, intellectually, culturally, socially and physically.
Hi, I thought that I should inform everyone of a few of life's lessons that I have learned in my time here at St. Malachy Catholic School. Not necessarily in the order in which these lessons were learned... 1: When walking into the school, be prepared to answer any question that is asked with honesty. Example: Twenty four years ago, Father Malinowski asked me what I was going to do when my youngest (daughter Betty) start going to school. My answer "I'm not sure."  I really had not given it any thought as to what lay ahead for me. Well Father Mal knew, he told me to go back to school and learn computers because St. Malachy School needed me. Being ever obedient, I did as I was told and started taking computer classes. This is where I am today, hanging around the computer lab, and learning more every day thanks to the students, a blessing for me everyday. 2:  Remember kids really are as innocent as they appear. - So are we teachers. Without the support of the parents and other members of our St. Malachy School family, your children will not flourish as well as they do. 3: Every child has a talent; some are not fully developed at the same time as their classmates. However, when his/her talents do start to show themselves, I can see the wings of the child soar. Those are very good days! 4: As a parent, it is easy to put your children first; the students of St. Malachy Catholic School are blessed by having a school full of mothers and one very special Father. In the computer lab, students learn a variety of applications. We are a widows based school. Learning to type is at the bottom of the 7/8 class list of things they like to do in computer, the younger students think of it as a game.  The 7/8 also produce a small 5 minute movie where they formulate a story line, write a script, gather props, secure a filming location, manage the shoot schedule and act - all for the class to enjoy as their final project of the school year and as an eighth grader of his/her St. Malachy Catholic School career. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a member of the St. Malachy Catholic School Family. Patty Graham
Mr. Dave Auth Principal Mrs. Kim Clifford, Secretary