340 E. Belle, Rantoul, IL 61866
St. Malachy Catholic School
To provide an educational opportunity for each student of St. Malachy School to mature spiritually, intellectually, culturally, socially and physically.
Sue Jean has been teaching at St. Malachy for 20 years.  She current teaches Preschool through 8 th  PE and 7 th /8 th  grade Science.  Sue graduated from the University of Illinois.  She is married to Richard Jean for almost 30 years.  They have twin girls that graduated from St. Malachy.  They are now 26, Susie living in Nashville and Katie living in St. Pete Florida. 8 th  grade science covers the physical sciences.  Currently they are working on chemical compounds and reactions this quarter.  They will be having a “Chocolate Chip Cookie Bake-off”.   They compete for the best cookie and will also be responsible for the chemical composition of the cookies.  They will be including Spanish terms for the ingredients and the “verb” for the directions for the project as well. 7 th  grade science focuses on the life sciences.  They are studying body systems.  The main project for this unit includes making a life size drawing of body systems and presentations about diseases for each body systems. Our science classes will be attending the University of Illinois Engineering Open House this spring and will also be hosting a Science Fair day of their own in May. St Malachy PE will be gearing up this spring for fitness testing.    We will be starting our “Super Sneaker Run” soon.  Students work to build up their jogging endurance to earn a “Super Sneaker”.   The 4 th -8 th   grade will also have 5 Minute Homework to help prepare for fitness testing.
Mr. Dave Auth Principal Mrs. Kim Clifford, Secretary